Unemployed but never idol

Just starting a BA(hons) in Graphic Design

Completed Level 5 HND in Computing and Systems Development

Working as a volunteer engineer at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
where I look after the two
Harrier Jump Jets

Also volunteering at Brooklands Museum Weybridge restoring a Danish Hunter

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x.w.d 1998-2001

Big Toys for Big Boys.

As I am interested in military vehicles and off roading and stuff, what a perfect job for me.

A fairly well established company reselling ex-military clothing, equipment and vehicles of all descriptions. The vehicles depending on clients needs were generally stripped and restored to former glory. Mostly we rebuilt Land Rovers but from time to time we had a play with Bedford's, CVRT, Foxes and other kit.


Meet Dave, one of my work colleagues, mad as a hatter and plays with action men building one off models, and makes good money from it.

the workshop

Most vehicles prepared and sold were series three Land Rovers, here's a Lightweight just painted, and in the background is an original SAS Pink Panther belonging to a customer.

the workshop

This 101 Forward Control was rolled over by the army, we rebuilt it for a gardener who worked on the garden at No 10 Downing Street. He needed a portable shed. So he got one.

mark spraying 101 shed

Marky, our body man, worked his magic.

now the green

Result, one straight 101, shame about the V8s, I hate them.

s3 long wheel base n lightweight

Some very straight looking Land Rovers.

recce vehicle

The Bosses Pride and Joy.

recce n bedford mk

The show vehicles, I drove the Bedford.

the shop tent

One of our shows at Denmead with shop tent, nightmare to set up.

the shows gang

Our usual band of merry men, the Colonel and his boy.


The Boss and his motor at Bletchly Park.

hicab and 90

Some more straight motors. Land Rover Rapier 127 and a 90.

90 n trailer

Land Rover 90. Definitely one of my best achievements, quality finishing, £6500 with trailer.


Rapier, 90 and Lightweight.

rapier 127 hicab

The Rapier.

lightweight 88


shop tent at bletchley

Another show, all set up, sit back and watch the money roll in.

This brings me on to the War and Peace show. This is a show that I was involved with before I worked for XWD and a lot of our restored vehicles can be seen at this show at Beltring Hop Farm near Tonbridge in Kent every July bank holiday. It's mad, the biggest military fair of its kind. With a great atmosphere, its a proper escape from reality.

foxes at belters

Sand coloured Fox was one of ours.

cvrt samson

Not ours, but we did have a Fox and Scorpion.

martins SAS and belgium SAS

Friends, Martin Terry and the Belgium SAS. Baron, the driver on the left, unfortunately, was killed recently, run down by some drunk, I know his colleagues and girlfriend will miss him heaps, he was the centre of attention all the time, I will miss bumping into him too. Things will never be the same.


Sara, Martin and Rudi.

SAS vehicles

The SAS group.

martins old landy

Martin, now lives in Australia, but his Land Rover still comes to Beltring.

some other desert sas

More SAS Land Rovers.


And yes, some people own Tanks. Here is a Chieftain.

challeger tank

Challenger Tank.

thm germans

German reenactment group, they're scouse really.

german shepard

German guard dog on duty.

not a model

There is always a good reenactment set up, the vehicle is real, the dead bodies are dummies, and the snow was artificial and cost £1000, it lasted five days before dissolving in the rain. Brilliant.

stretched limo for hire with jacussi

Someone always tries something a bit mad, this in fact is two 432's welded together, with an added gun turret and fitted with its own jacuzzi as well as neon lighting. And yes, you can hire this yourself.

stu n haley lady

Friends Stuart and Hayley Long Time.

the ol' gang

Friends from my Croatian days, Croatian reenactment group.

a belter scene

Lots of American reenactments.

crashed and not burnt

The RAF crash in.

nice para jeep

One Parachute Regiment Jeep.

small germans

The Germans are getting smaller.


An old Ferret Mk1.

another belters scene

All made just for the show. Looks good.

So if you're interested look up on the net, War and Piece Show at its new venue in Folkstone