Unemployed but never idol

Just starting a BA(hons) in Graphic Design

Completed Level 5 HND in Computing and Systems Development

Working as a volunteer engineer at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
where I look after the two
Harrier Jump Jets

Also volunteering at Brooklands Museum Weybridge restoring a Danish Hunter

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volunteer 1996-98

Croatia - aid convoys

My graphics work was drying up and I began to help Martin Terry, from my off reading days, prep ex-army Bedford's and Land Rovers to travel out to war torn Bosnia where they would be used for aid and emergency vehicles. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

We had some mixed experiences good and bad and I've seen some sights that I just can't go into. But I like to think we made a difference to a few people.

I met a man in his fifties, he had lost everything, business, house, car, but worst of all his family, wife and three children, he walked for three days and met us, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes he thanked us for the aid we were bringing. It still makes me numb today.

It always amused me, how you can split a group into religious, helpful, or just bloody useless. I overheard a vicar of all people, one day when told that the Land Rovers we were taking out will probably get blown up, they only last a few days. He said 'what's the point of taking them then' I gave him the answer and said 'If it saved one life in getting someone to a hospital, then it was well worth the trouble' he shut up and sat down again.

On the other hand an old Anglican Vicar, such a nice old boy asked me on the boat down from Triest to Split, why was I doing this, I said, it was my first of five trips, I was helping my colleagues, first time to drive left hand trucks and abroad, a bit of a 18-30 holiday and I wanted to help those that need it. He blessed me.

Then I met him over breakfast after arriving in Medugorje, he sat next to me and asked about the holy water, I looked at him surprised, 'Do you mean the rakia, the very strong home made schnapps, but its lethal.' No, he was quiet sure he must try it, when in Rome and all that. I explained how it was like an ACME explosion in the mouth and stomach, like in the cartoons. So I poured him a shot. With some instruction he through it down his neck without it touching his lips . . . and a second later gasped as the small liquid nuclear device exploded inside him 'By God, That's Good Stuff. I'll Have Another' and so we got silly.

next to adriatic

Pit stop beside the Adriatic on the Slovenian Coast south of Split.

on way to club Maj

Feed the vehicles.

topping up adriatic

A loo with a view.

tired and cold at border crossing

Convoy stopped at border crossing for 15 hours waiting to cross into Slovenia.

fatal crash

Driver killed when his truck overturned into a ditch, the cab was crushed.

fiona and mom

Fiona and Jenny (mom).

club maj gang

Ted, Shawn, some Irish lad John, and Sara.

ted and sean

Taking a rest during mountain climb.


Sara, rest in piece my flower.

club maj

The view of Medugorje from the mountain, the massive Catholic church where Pilgrims visit in hope to see a vision of the Virgin Mary.

us marine ted

Frustrated ex-US Marine Ted, and so much fun to be with. He had so many funny stories.

convoy trucks resting

Convoy members take a break before pushing on with the three day drive.

delivery to a orphanage

The trucks were used for many tasks, ferrying people from towns to hospitals, moving aid in bulk and even used to move fresh bread throughout the surrounding towns. Here happy orphans play on my truck taking off medical supplies to put in their stores, bless. What must they have experienced, I can't imagine. I wish them a much happier future.

My involvement with the preparation of the vehicles introduced me to another military vehicle specialist, XWD and before you know it I was on my way to yet another chapter in my life.

Volunteer guide and engineer


In October 2012 - I volunteered to help at the local museum near Chichester. The old RAF airfield at Tangmere has long since closed, most of which is now agricultural land and covered in greenhouses. Sadly much of the camp now replaced by modern housing. To the West side of the airfield is the museum, small but crammed full of historic artifacts including a crashed Hawker Hurricane who's pilot was killed. We have a small number of aircraft which are all very much worth a visit.

Recently the museum acquired a new aircraft, a Harrier GR3 which originally was a GR1, one of the first Harriers to join the RAF. In 1969 it along with its sister aircraft took part in the Daily Mails Transatlantic Air Race to cross the Atlantic between London (post office tower) and New York (empire state building). Our plane XV744 made the trip in 6 hours 11 minutes from New York returning to London and landing in a coal yard behind St. Pancras station.

After much hard work and enthusiasm I have been given charge of both Harriers to keep in as good condition as possible replacing some parts as needed to maintain their looks for our visitors.


SHAR ZA195 and GR3 XV744 on static display


And continuing the volunteer theme I am also involved with the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge. Currently restoring back to an authentic paint scheme, a vintage Hawker Siddley Hunter built for the Danish Airforce, and later re-purchased by Hawker Siddley and used by the RAF for research and development, moved on to the training school of flying and finally ending up at Brooklands for training where it has stayed till now.

E-421a E-421b
E-421c E-421d

top left, as she was in 1958-65 service, top right, in her retriement 1980's at brooklands,
lower left, June 2015, lower right, under restoration today