Unemployed but never idol

Just starting a BA(hons) in Graphic Design

Completed Level 5 HND in Computing and Systems Development

Working as a volunteer engineer at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
where I look after the two
Harrier Jump Jets

Also volunteering at Brooklands Museum Weybridge restoring a Danish Hunter

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self employed

graphic designer 1991-96

Now a free man, I signed on and began my journey into self employment. I began with a business course known then as the Enterprise Allowance Scheme, one of Maggie's ideas to get people to work for themselves. The course gave me extra money to attend a one day a week meeting with like minded people and learn some business skills, accountancy etc.

I had some very small projects on the go in the early stages, some stationary. Some work needed outputting to Linotronic to produce high quality artwork. We had a bureau in Bexhill called Core graphics that I used for this, and there I met my future co-workers, Chris and Brian, very interested in what I did and the speed in which it was achieved. Brian was a print farmer, had worked for various companies in and around London and more importantly new a lot of customers, something I lacked. So our professional working relationship started, he dealt with the customers, and I did the work and got the films and artwork output. Most of our work was for a couple of print firms in the city, one of whom I hated, always effing and geofing down the phone at us and blaming us for mistakes. And the other much easier to deal with, we nicknamed him 'Scud' very expensive and no one knew where he was going to land.

thorn lighting

thorn lighting

thorn lighting thorn lighting thorn lighting

thorn lighting thorn lighting thorn lighting

This was a very enjoyable job, the Thorn EMI Lighting News, simply copy fit with proportionate photos, the only hitch back then was the we could fit copy but the photos were only key lines, photos were dropped in to film before plate making. So, we only saw the photos after it was finally printed, nice surprise.

bentham bentham


bentham bentham

Typical technical brochure and leaflets.

After a couple of years the relationship fell apart, the print farmer had financial problems and I ended up doing just a few small jobs again, but I gained some equipment, scanner and printer, then a call from London. There was another chap I knew, doing the same as me and I'd worked with him before. He had been working for a client on a holiday brochure for former Yugoslavia, just before the war, and he had just lost everything off his computer. He was desperate to get all thirty plus pages back to a finished format with all photos placed as per last laser having had it all proofed and signed off. I jumped at the chance, I received a fax with all the copy, re-entered it and began the page layout in Quark. Mostly done, I packed and shot off to London and spent the next three days and nights steaming away over a hot Mac.

Job done, and having literally fallen asleep over the keyboard during the third night was woken the following morning by staff and the client. Oh God, its him, that blooming printer I hated. But we smiled and he thanked me loads and offered me more work. Would I like to work at his office in Wilmington? I paused and was given time to think on it, I laid down some conditions and moved my computer to his office and started my next five years.

The work was pretty good on the whole, I worked with many clients in the timeshare holiday industry, or as we call it in the trade 'crime share', and there were a few perks along the way. Here is my Port Folio, enjoy.

sard1 port1


cyprus dellarte

frant1 fran2



Had to set some Russian stuff.

kasino1 kasino2



hever castle

Sandals, as seen on TV.

sandals2 sandels1


Warwick University's Student Cinema Film Catalogue.

war1 war2 war3

war5 war4


red2 red3

red4 red5


LSI, RCI one of the biggest Timeshare Holiday companies in the UK.

lsi2 lsi3


lssi5 lsi6


rci2 rci3

rci4 rci5

Ultimate Holidays, had to deal with the directors wife, what a pain, everything was different, she had bad taste, and then once you decided on design, it all changed again. No corporate identity. Thankfully they went to the wall until they set up Grande Journeys, then we gave them an identity.


ult1 ult2

ult3 ult7

ult8 ult9

ult10 ult11 ult12

ult13 ult14

ult4 ult5 ult6







LDI, new company, required everything, corporate brochure, four resort brochures with constitution in several languages, with some clever editing, we kept a common set of colour plates for photos and separate black plate for all the copy. No, I don't speak any foreign languages but I can type it.

ldi bro eng bac ldi bro eng fro

Corporate Brochure in English,

ldi bro fre ldi bro ger ldi bro ital ldi bro span

Then French, German, Italian and Spanish and then Russian.

ldibro ldi a5har1 ldi a5har2

Various other leaflets.

dl1 ldi dlhar2

ldi hol opt


And the resort brochures. In five languages. Torrent Bay Club, Ibiza.

tor01 tor02 tor03

tor04 tor05 tor06

tor07 tor08 tor09

tor10 tor11 tor12


Ses Fontanellas Club, Ibiza.

ses01 ses02 ses03

ses04 ses05 ses06

ses07 ses08 ses09

ses10 ses11 ses12


Los Claveles, Tenerife.

clev01 clev02 clev03

clev04 clev05 clev06

clev07 clev08 clev09

clev10 clev11 clev13


The Harbour Club, Costa Del Sol.

har01 har02 har03

har04 har05 har06

har07 har08 har09

har10 har11 har12


This classy exclusive brochure was costing late nights and time on the phone, so I was sent to Florida to finish the job with a well earnt holiday all inclusive. We came up with the name, designed the logo, the whole corporate identity. Nice looking job with spot UV varnish on top of high resolution photos. The cover had satin laminate with a spot UV logo over three quarters of cover (which you can't see here) finished with a gold hot foil motif. And the holiday was pretty good too.


marq01 marq02

marq03 marq04

marq05 marq06

marq07 marq08

marq09 marq10

marq11 marq12

marq13 marq14

marq15 marq16

marq17 marq18


While working on the brochure I stayed with Mark Western, owner of MarQuest (spin on name) and we visited Disney World and Sea World to finalise usage of photos. Also had the pleasure of meeting Chuck Aldrin, ex Indie Car Racer, brother of Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut, and visited a Skip Barber Race Track and I saw the Space Shuttle go up.

disney world orlando

sea world orlando sebring florida

My marriage with the London printer ended badly after I found out how much he owed me, £4000 plus. I read him the riot act and walked out after he refused to pay.