Unemployed but never idol

Just starting a BA(hons) in Graphic Design

Completed Level 5 HND in Computing and Systems Development

Working as a volunteer engineer at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
where I look after the two
Harrier Jump Jets

Also volunteering at Brooklands Museum Weybridge restoring a Danish Hunter

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my photos

aged 9 months

aged 9 months, and I still stick my tongue out a lot.

aged 5 aged 5

aged 5

aged 2, butter wouldn't melt.

aged 6 me bruv and patch

I remember this photo being taken, I was woken by babysitter, must of been 4 or 5, with me old tedd, cute. Me and bro with a young patch in back garden in burgess hill. We had a huge garden with apple trees, a pear and cherry tree, along side the house was a huge horse chestnut tree, kids used to come and nick the conkers and patch used to help himself to an apple every day.

1971 at st pauls

Class of 71 at Chantry School. Photo recently passed to me by an old school mate Graham Hoy sitting front left, I'm in the back fourth from right.

aged 8

aged 7 at Chantry School, across road from family home, I made a polar bear, don't know what the others were making, apart from a mess.

aged 10 aged 11

aged 9 with no front teeth, and then 10, at St Peter's and Paul's school.

aged 11 on postcard

aged 11, postcard with me sitting on bench in middle of picture wearing white top.

aged 12 aged 12

aged 12 Bexhill Downs, nice hair, aged 12 at Hever Castle, 1977 nice jeans.

aged 16

aged 16 with my mate Adrian's pet rat Rhoda.

aged 18

Me aged 18, self portrait, photo done in college photo lab.

aged 17

aged 21, just starting at CDs first job.

aged 22

aged 22, I look like Ray Mears (tv survival program).


bless him, he put up with so much


My old dog Patch, bless him, he was on my lap for hours that day, note how the sun has moved around the room. He weighted 7st. My legs were so numb. Patch died at 16 in 1982.