Unemployed but never idol

Just starting a BA(hons) in Graphic Design

Completed Level 5 HND in Computing and Systems Development

Working as a volunteer engineer at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
where I look after the two
Harrier Jump Jets

Also volunteering at Brooklands Museum Weybridge restoring a Danish Hunter

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off-roading 1980s-90s

How it all came about. While I was in the cadets I often said I wanted a lightweight Land Rover just to play about in, we used them at RAF West Maling in Kent when we went gliding, and they were great fun. So to my amusement some years later while working at Computing Devices I met a chap from the Observer Office nearby who owned one. We spoke a couple of times and I told him my wish to have one. Some months later a message came through to reception asking for me, low and behold it was the man with the Landy. His family car had been written off in an accident, no one hurt, but needed to sell the Land Rover to finance another car. Absolutely Yes I said, and arranged a small lone from mother, and within a week or so it was mine. A good friend of mine, Hippo (we were in cadets together) had a long wheel base and I knew he would be green with envy. When I pulled up outside his house, I remember him saying 'Oh my God, what have you got there! As you'll see from the following photos, I've had a lot of fun with it over the years. I've looked after it and abused it LOTS!

first pic of toy

First photos of new toy.

me and a pal

My toy and Hwu's toy, I wonder where yours is Hwu, I know where mine is!

stripped down

First strip down, cool, note the straight bumper, rare.

next to tank course on dartmore

On holiday down to cornwall with mates Carl Pope and Gary Martin, both smiling.

cammed up in carnival

The army cadets invited me to drive them in the Bexhill Carnival, me driving.

dressed as a para wagon

Dressed it up to Para's style Recce vehicle.

friend goes for a dip

and i recover him

Dear old Pete 'skippy', got run off the road, so I dragged him out.

HQ London District

Irish Guards - who shall separate us

I found evidence under the paint of its previous life with the Irish Guards, the crown and dagger denotes HQ London District the main headquarters for all British Army units serving inside the M25 into London. HQ London District is responsible for all regular units as well as cadet and territorial units. It also provides ceremonial events and supports overseas such as Iraq and Afganistan.

re-chassis time partial build

I bought a new galvanised chassis for £750 and did a total rebuild.

engine rebuild engine complete


Engine Rebuild, very pretty duck egg blue you know.

fireman straightens my bumper pegeot from strength to dead damage

I did that!

One wet windy night I was on my way home from CD's and as I drove through a set of green lights I met this lad and his friend on there way to the cinema, he'd just learnt to drive and decided on a night out, when he took a wrong turn, right into the my path. I bent my bumper and totally wiped his Peugeot out, from strength to dead I think their motto is, the fire brigade kindly cleared the road of litter, note the cars bent roof, the car was now 'S' shaped from front to rear. The brigade then straightened my bumper allowing me to follow the police to make a statement. I remember the lads parents saying the car was his, they had just spent £400 getting it through an MoT for him, Oohps!

second kill second kill

This photo clearly shows the impact of where I hit him smashing into front passenger wing smashing the front wheel under the car while sending the car into orbit, I mean spin. The photo above shows the back end damage after it spun 180° actually hitting me twice, my landy spun to the left and the car spun to the right. I found pieces of rear light wedged into bodywork forward of my rear wheel. Right after the accident and regaining myself I stepped out of the Land Rover, I didn't see the car at first, until this lad stepped out and the car fell over. Both lads were Ok, a little shaken but very lucky not to be seriously injured. I didn't press charges due to weather conditions. Just bad luck.

landy in 2005

Some time around 2005ish.

I bumped into an old colleague from my ATC days who also owned a Landy, we joined a club together and met a few other off road enthusiasts, and later started our own club, The Twin Axle Club using Browns Wood near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. The wood to start with had a lot of storm damage over the years and required the fire tracks opening up, the following photos show some of the fun we had.

brownswood Pete and Martin

Martin Terry (driving) close friend for many years, The same chap I did convoys with to Croatia, was main driving force in the Twin Axle Club. With Pete Chambers standing at the side to show how steep the bank was. In The Pit.

some pals offroading

Martin in his old stripped lightweight in The Pit.


Trevor Piper, chairman of club, playing.

our quarry

We held events at The Pit, originally this natural pit was used for rubbish, like a land fill, we cleared it out as it filled naturally with water to make a mud run.

got stuck

Many tracks had downed trees, that needed clearing.

in the mud

Stuck in't mud.

stuck tug out

Give us a tug someone.

in the water

Off road tip, before you get stuck in the deep stuff. . .


. . . for those who have a NATO hitch on front bumper, open it before you enter.

the hand of god

Or get a friendly nudge. The hand of God.

101 landy winch out

I wasn't the only one to get stuck. Mick in his one tonny

camel trophy splash

During our international trials: This Belgium bloke was mad, typical camel trophy with winch on bumper, slid into the water and went BONK as he hit bottom, Recovery. Then he later turned it over, if I can find the photo.

me off road pals

Some of the gang, Martin to left on his 110, friends of mine Pete and Janet with my landy, and to the right Adam Bavin on his 110.


We had one casualty during a normal off road weekend, Roy Coppard sustained a badly broken leg after the vehicle he was passenger in rolled over on a bracken covered bank, the mudler hit a hidden tree stump on high side, turning the vehicle over, and rolling onto Roy's leg, driven by Steve Lancaster. So we had the Kent Air Ambulance in to lift Roy out. Roy made his recovery only to brake it again in another accident. Lucky bloke.


Another one of our toys, borrowed from TA.


Orienteering, Land Rover style, see the no 37 nailed to the tree, top left, hanging from it is a punch to check your card, the card is fixed inside your vehicle, it cannot be removed, the idea is simple, get your vehicle close enough to punch your card, the team with the most punches achieved in the best time, wins! This chap was brilliant, he built a simple bridge and winched himself across the stream, and back again. He was the only competitor to do this punch, and he won the event.


And this one didn't. Oohps, it fallen over. It went so slowly and gracefully, but no damage. Not even his door mirror, Some are very lucky.

shorham pits

And this one wasn't. Some other events, this nice new Landy rolled on a stage at the old Shoreham cement works. It don't look so new now. But the driver was okay about it, its only money!

at shoreham works

Look carefully, my landy is there at bottom centre, Shoreham cement works.

Here was something out of the blue. While I worked in London, the printer I hated so much gave me a birthday treat, a tank driving weekend. Cool. I started with smaller vehicles, Bedford and the amphibious Stalwart and then onto the Abbot Field Gun. What jolly good fun playing in the mud.


Bedford MK.


Alvis Stalwart.


Abbott Field Gun.

abbot splash

Splish splash!