Unemployed but never idol

Just starting a BA(hons) in Graphic Design

Completed Level 5 HND in Computing and Systems Development

Working as a volunteer engineer at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
where I look after the two
Harrier Jump Jets

Also volunteering at Brooklands Museum Weybridge restoring a Danish Hunter

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about me


Welcome to my personal web pages where you can learn a little more about myself, some of my work history which includes a port folio of work samples and some other stuff. My name is Pete, I'm 48 going on 22, by trade I am an enthusiastic desk top publisher, graphic and web designer, 2D & 3D modeller and animator, a visual artist and Level 5 software developer. Graphic design has always been a passion of mine, creating on screen graphics from the mid 1980's, as the digital age has advanced I like to think Ii have as well.

I only realised my graphic potential after enrolling into graphic design course at Hastings College of Arts and Technology. I qualified with a College Diploma and Diploma Membership to Chartered Society of Designers and shortly after began work with an MoD based company, Computing Devices (Hastings). There I produced marketing materials and product proposals and was introduced to computing and the wonderful world of Desk Top Publishing using Apple Macintosh. Realising that I had more potential working in design I left the MoD and entered the print trade to work sub-contract with different companies in and around London producing holiday brochures.

As before new and exciting opportunities came along and after a few hectic years in the print trade I left. My graphics work drying up a change of direction came about and I volunteered to help a colleague prepare ex-army vehicles to take aid to the former Yugoslavia. I helped get the vehicles out to Croatia and Bosnia on four separate trips. Through contacts this led me to ex-military vehicle restoration and retail with XWD in West Sussex selling parts, clothing and kit for private purchase.

After being head hunted I moved later into goods-in and the production of Lobster Traps with GT Products. This work I loved very much but it was physically demanding and I began to feel fatiqued. I left and began my move back towards graphics producing labels with a silk screen print company. Check out my work history pages.

In late 2007 I was diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia which attributed to my constant fatique and leaving work. While dealing with my illness I have retrained myself in getting up to date with much of the latest software like Adobe's Creative Suites 5.5 and dipping my toe into the world of web creation, learning new skills and grasping the basics of our new high tech digital age. I'm learning new skills all the time.

'Digi-nology' as I call it, has had so many exciting new developments, becoming more affordable making all our digital needs more accessable, how it has changed since the 80's. I never would have thought then I may be building my own computers today. I was introduced to 3d modeling and animation which find very exciting and have been seeking courses ever since. In 2010 I enrolled at Chichester College in West Sussex to begin an IT Practitioners Course in Software Development and have now gained a Level 3 with Double Distinctions. This course gave me an appetite after discovering Autodesk's Max and Maya, not only 3d modeling but animation. These are powerful and complex software's which I have free on a three year student licence. I'd now like to persue a career in three dimentional visualisation. It's very exciting.

I like to keep myself busy on the PC, as you can see from my web pages, graphically pretty, technically ok but still a lot to learn. I have taught myself the basics and been playing with 3d modeling software. In 2011-13 I have completed a Levels 4 HNC and 5 HND in IT with Double Distinctions. The course has given me some great insight to software development and programming. Code is not my strongest point but another avanue I like to dabble in is Android Apps.

3D Modelling and Animation

The following 3D samples were created in Rhinocerus 4.0 (evaluation version). Hopefully you can see that I like to push things to the max by experimenting, see if I can break the program before it breaks me. The torch was my first sample visualisation and then I created a Harrier GR9.



After installing the Rhino software, I looked around for something to draw, as you do and grabbed this little led torch off my bike, just the sort of first thing to try and model, its a very complex shape to recreate but its just like the real thing. Then I pushed the boundaries further by producing an exploded version. Unfortunately Rhino had its limitations being a evaluation program, not being able to texture or animate with out purchasing add-ons.

tomcat apache

Ok ok, Yes, more planes! Using three orthographic drawings, top, side, and front views from an illustrated magazine, I scanned them and placed into their respective views into Rhino, from there I traced the scans. Delete the original scans leaving the new drawn lines to build the plane from. By dragging the lines to a three dimensional point using the three plan views for reference, began to build a simple three dimensional wire outline. From that and with a little imagination I created the solid models. They are not accurate but visually very close as you can see below.





Viewed in Rhino and using the arrow keys I was able to rotate the centred image to take screen shots at 60 increments then produce the animated giff seen above using Adobe Fireworks. I look forward to adding textures.

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Above are a couple of samples using Adobe Flash 2d Animation. Christmas Card and Analogue Style Clock Face.


Inspite of being pretty busy with college and some part time employment I have managed to experiment some more using Autodesk Maya. I have succeeded in revamping the spinning Fibromyalgia Teddy Bear and given him a fur coat. Full logo can be seen in the left panel above on each page linking to web site. I think he looks great.

I've also had a chance to play with some of the aircraft which I originally created in Rhino, exported as .igs files and imported into Maya. From here I hope to add some realistic rendering and animate. Below is an AH64 Apache (in transulcent mode) that I made in 2009, note the three orthographic views which the model was generated from.


On the animation side I again exported the model I made of the torch as an .igs file, imported into Maya and animated using stop frame animation techniques. You may need to refresh this page to replay the video.

Further to my 3D modeling experience I have now managed to add texture to the Harrier GR9. The model itself is made of complex polygon surfaces which gave me issues with texturing. Despite some attention to detail I have not added weather textures due to separating poly surfaces. I still have some issues with animation, might be memory or student software or just me simplifying my model, any advice I would be greatful.


Using the desert photo found online I was able to Photoshop my model to the scene, complete with pilot, corrected colour to match the surroundings. Thats my first completed render and my tribute to a British icon. Not bad for starters but plenty of room for improvement. Watch this space.


And the 3d samples keep coming. Late last year I began as a volunteer at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum near Chichester which sits at the edge of the former RAF airfield. It's a fantastic museum and with a collection of aircarft which we continue to look after. Needless to say with my interests this gives me some scope to produce more models. These include a Westland Lysander, used to collect escaping pilots and deliver SOA agents into occupied France at night.


Next is a Gloster Meteor F4 which has the best textures I have produced so far. I hope to use the models in various ways at the museum.


We had an open day and a Bugatti enspired me to build a model of one. Anyway, please feel free to come and visit us, its a great day out for all the family.