Unemployed but never idol

Just starting a BA(hons) in Graphic Design

Completed Level 5 HND in Computing and Systems Development

Working as a volunteer engineer at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
where I look after the two
Harrier Jump Jets

Also volunteering at Brooklands Museum Weybridge restoring a Danish Hunter

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education 1978-85

School began at Bexhill Downs Secondary, renamed later to The Bexhill High School


Not very academic, but, towards the end of my time at secondary school my form teacher, an art teacher suggested I go into graphic design, more my thing as my technical drawing skills proved to be one of my strongest attributes, so I applied for a course at Hastings College of Arts and Technology.


In 1982 I enrolled in four years of fun, starting with a foundation year, followed by a three year degree course, led by our tutor Richard Mann (Biggus Dickus), and what a thoroughly nice chap, you couldn't want for a nicer bloke, we became close friends and still keep in touch today, he says we were the best students he'd ever had, sucker, meet the mob.


character set by Jim Tippler, so like us, guess I'm tank boy.

Now, the quality of the photos isn't too hot, don't forget all this work was done just prior to the digital revolution taking off, and by God, it shows.


My first project, design a manual, for anything said the brief, some chose a lego toy which already came with instructions, cheats, so they modified to improve, and I chose a replica Colt 45 obviously, well they said anything! I began with some sketches which I then pmt copied, used the good old fashioned lettreset tints to overlay the drawings, the copy was worked out by hand using the old points, picas and inches and then typeset, ye, a five minute job today!



The car advertisement, I used Land Rover as my choice, airbrushed an A2 poster, pmt and printed onto news print for an authentic visual, unfortunately the original no longer exists, technically okay, overlayed graphics, but the dog looks rubbish.



The brief: to make a self promotional gadget along with full compliment of stationery, my thoughts immediately turned to something military, well there I go again. It started with some sketches of a grenade and gradually it began to take shape as a three dimensional object containing a few colour slides of my work. I tried to vacuum form the shape, but this did not work.

Eventually I laid my hands on an old British deactivated mills grenade. I made the mould and using vacuum molding made the grenades, then hollowed them out to receive the slides in their individual screen printed mounts, cut to size and shape, then secured with a split pin, added paint, done.

An explosive idea, all a bit tongue in cheek but it looked very cool and pissed our silly lecturer off so much I'm sure she had a heart attack and left. She hated me and my silly ideas and even more when she learned that I was the first student in the group to have a job lined up. I nearly died of laughter.


My only screen print work, messy process, long winded, took for ever, about six colours, but I think I pulled it off, nice looking job for the time, and I quiet liked the art deco period.


Brief: to redesign an existing book cover.



Design an eye catching livery for a fictional service Jetcon Cargo Services.


Part of my A level, tricky question, stationary set for 'the spinney workshop', I had fifteen hours to complete, had only 3x SRA3 sheets to show designs scamps, final designs, artwork and finished printed job, with some clever overlays I finished with time to spare, well we did get the exam questions fifteen days before to gather our research, so I designed and got it printed quick time with Alex our printer. But, still it gained me a grade A, easy! Not only that the board of examiners retained my work for four years as a comparison to use as a benchmark for future examinations. Cool but it left a hole in my Port Folio. Buggers.


Late evening in the studio, plus me working hard on the Land Rover add, my favourite motor of the time.




Aerial photo of Hastings College and a close up from, showing my room


Just before finishing college I had an interview with a company that worked with aircraft equipment for the RAF. How cool I thought and so did Richard Mann when he suggested it to me. He had done some work for them in the past, so I applied, had a four hour interview and soon had a reply by letter to start ASAP. Soon I was leaving college with some higher qualifications to begin work with Computing Devices. Much thanks to Biggus Dickus, I'm sure he pulled a few strings. Bless him.

return to education 2010-2013

While I was out of work I made the brave decision to return to education. After countless knock backs from design studios who completely bypassed the fact that I had a degree in Graphic Design, which I am very Proud of incidently, constantly asked what computer qualifications I had. Well none at the time. With that I enrolled at a local centre to take the first official steps into computing. That then led me to enrolling into Chichester College. Long story short I have completed Levels 1 through to 5 giving me an HND in Computing and Systems Development.

The course has been brilliant, a massive eye opener. In fact it has given me more appetite to continue in a more speciallist field of 3D modelling and possibly some animation. Also the course has epened my eyes to other areas such as Web Creation, using code to make sites richer and give them functionality with forms and databases. I now have a reasonable understanding of using SQL databases, object oriented and event driven programming as well as languages of Html5, Php, MVC, Java, C#, C++.

I'm very pleased that I managed to gain many Distictions on various units throughout the second year course, giving me an overall Double Distiction in computing. So I am hoping that I can put this all to good use now, update my sites and begin to produce some fantastic samples for my port folio.


Graduation day held at Chichester Cathedral, myself with best pal Sean