Unemployed but never idol

Just starting a BA(hons) in Graphic Design

Completed Level 5 HND in Computing and Systems Development

Working as a volunteer engineer at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
where I look after the two
Harrier Jump Jets

Also volunteering at Brooklands Museum Weybridge restoring a Danish Hunter

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atc insignia

air training corps 1979-84

Now you can see the military connection!

My father is ex-RAF, he was a snow-drop, RAF Police. He later joined the civil police force, and while there he and a fellow officer, Phil Mare, his boss, helped run the local Air Training Corps, 2262 Bexhill Squadron. Dad was a civilian instructor and range officer and Phil was my Officer Commanding.

We became a strong squadron with high numbers, and in fact recruited the highest number of cadets in years to the RAF's Queens Colour Squadron based in Uxbridge. Team spirits were always high, and we were fortunate to take part in many activities including full bore shooting, gliding and powered flight.

While in the ATC we caused a bit of a stir performing the remembrance parade at the Bexhill senataff memorial, picture below. Because we, the ATC, apparently did not comply with regulations by the British Legion, as we had not been granted freedom of the town to bare rifles. Rubbish, these are drill purpose only, and used to set up a guard of honour to perform our duty as is carried out all over Britain every year, but the argument continued, we were told not to appear there again in spite of public support, so we never showed again, but we were invited to the Little Common senataff the following year, we were so cool and it made local and national papers hence this photo of me, rifle reversed, head bowed to the fallen.

senataff atcnews1
atcme18 atc3822a
atc3822b atc3822c
My 3822 Record of Service and below leading and senior cadet and swimming certificates

atc leading atc senior atc swim


1983 Annual Camp at RAF ST Morgan in Cornwall, home to 42 Torpedo Bomber Squadron, Nimrods Reconnaissance.



RAF St Morgan from

A few poor quality photos in 1982 of my annual camp at RAF Gutersloh in West Germany. Herman Goring flew here during WWII. Home for 230 Squadron Pumas, and 3 & 4 Squadron Harrier GR3s. We flew from Luton to Germany and on to camp by bus, when we arrived early we are asked to tour the camp on our own while accommodation was sorted. With two lads Kakky and Paul from Hastings squadron we found this poor old Saracen APC just asking to be taken out. It belonged to the RAF Police who's Corporal took us out around the camp for a tour. He let us have a drive, (the first thing I ever drove, even before a car) a great first day. For the rest of the week we hung around with the police section helping them run there patrols and security around camp. One night we had a serious cycling competition with them inside the canteen racing around the tables, and opened up some ration packs while having late night feeds, perks of the job.

saracen saracen saracen

A few sneaky photos of aircraft around the airfield, this is all just prior to the Falklands War, some of the aircraft were due to be used in the conflict. The camp had a multi million pound hanger built to house three new Chinook helicopters, (hanger visible in the photo below to left of airfield with large apron out front). Two were lost at the beginning of the war on the Atlantic Conveyer sinking while on its way to the islands. One now famous Chinook survives and is still on active service today, Bravo November. We were expected to have a ride in one, but instead we had an hours flight around germany in a Puma, still very cool. We landed in a small clearing somewhere in the Black Forest for a break before returning to camp.

gutersloh map

RAF Gutersloh in West Germany from, Wow, I can see the outside swimming pool where I gained my RAF Swimming Proficiency.

GR3 at guters puma at guters 230sqdn

Another camp in August 1984, RAF Brize Norton,Our beloved leader on the left who died a few years back, was a great CO, and our little Bollington, a micro dot cadet, our mascot, we used to threaten to set him on cadets who misbehaved. Standing in the back row are best friends then, Adrian, Robin and Julian in front.

The VC10 photographed here is XR807 'Q', has now been scrapped by Gary Spoors of GJD Aerotech at Bruntingthorpe in 2010, Gary owns the Sea Harrier that I am currently working on at Tangmere, see bottom of the voluntary work section. Small world.

VC10 at brize

Most of our AEF, Air Experience Flying was made from RAF Manston in Kent, this photo of me ready for battle and mounting my trusty DeHaveland Chipmunk at RAF Abingdon. I always enjoyed my time in the air, we all loved to get some good aerobatics in as much as possible.

me in chippy

My best flight was out of RAF St Morgan in Cornwall, the pilot let me take off the huge runway alone and then fly all over cornwall, we followed the amazing coastline, and he really taught me fly, to get a real feel for it. That made a big impression on me.


Meet the beast we flew with the RAF, same engine as the old biplane Tiger Moth. This chipmonk WB569 I flew at RAF Manston, the aircraft still flies today as part of an aerobatic team The Red Sparrows from Duxford


Our favourite past time, shooting, here with friend Peter Knight on ranges at RAF Manston, firing off as many rounds with 303 rifles, and Mick Pains Carbine and Bren in background.


The chaps, Hwu Griffiths, Malcalm Cheese in the middle, and Ian Williams inspecting a local find by fisherman at Pevensey Bay near Eastbourne, a B17 prop.

prop at pevensey

Other news, Steve Barringer, Gary Davies, Ian Williams, Hwu Griffiths, Paul Dadd, Andrew Izzard, Andrew Robinson, and me with shooting or modeling award I think.


Wing Co Cuff, me aged 16, winning model competition.


Good Times, army cadet friends Gary Martin, and his mate plus Carl Pope having a weekend away on top of Fairlight near Hastings in Sussex, thought we were bloody commandos or something, but the scram were right tasty, we must of eaten all our compos, some sort of hash I think followed by apricots and custard.

gary at fairlight gary carl and i at fairlight

The Army Cadets who I became friends with while in the ATC, below are a couple of photos of Brian Earle (care taker of Bexhill High School), OC of Bexhill Army Cadet Force, died 2008, a proud man and great loss to the cadet force. Love to Michelle, David and daughter.

brian at cadet parade brian collects medal bexhill army cadets

Adrian, Simon, John Jeffries, good bunch of drinking buddies. The things we got up to.